This is a newsletter about creative writing, poetry & well-being.

Colour pencil drawing of a white woman with black hair looking out of a train window at trees covered in cherry blossom.

My name is Rebecca Hurst, and I’m a writer, opera maker, illustrator and researcher at the University of Manchester. Periodically I’ll be writing about my practice-based research and evolving thoughts on creative writing as a tool to support well-being; along with occasional news of performances of my work, readings, publications, workshops, and events.

There are no guarantees as to how often I’ll be posting or when we’ll get to our destination. Riders on the Slow Train are generally more inclined to settle down and enjoy the journey than worry about timetables and efficiency. So please come aboard, where the dining car has quiet lighting and great tea, the seats are comfy, and our strong preference is for the scenic route. Here on the Slow Train there is, as Virginia Woolf once said:

‘No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.’

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Creative writing, poetry & wellbeing: sharing ideas & research on how to find the self on the page.


Rebecca Hurst

Writer, opera maker, & illustrator. Researcher at the University of Manchester. Author of The Fox’s Wedding. Rider on the slow train. She/her. 🐌🌈🦋